Testimonies from The Heart of the Father 2012 & 2013

June 1, & 2,  was an incredible weekend. Deborah and Company – The Heart of the Father was birthed. Thank you so much for attending and being a part of this movement of God.

As I reflect and look back there are no words to describe what God did at the Heart of the Father. He showed up in such a powerful, loving and caring way. He came in and swept us up with HIS LOVE. He delivered, healed, mended, fixed, put back together and set free his movement ministers. His love was tangible, his love was audible. His love was seen and felt. His presence so strong healing the wounds and touching the souls of ALL that were there. Yes ALL. He did just what He said he would do. He showed up in Power and Demonstration!


Minister Deborah,

I wanted to let you know that my life was changed at the Heart of the Father conference this weekend. I was on the verge of a break down…. a break down in my marriage, in my faith, in my ministry and in being a mother…. I was sad and didnt know why, I kept looking and searching for what was going to help me when He was there all along calling to me and I couldn’t hear him because I was distracted. I am trying not to tear up at work, but I am grateful. I am grateful that you are walking out the vision that God gave you, grateful that on faith I attended the conference alone because I wasnt connected. I am grateful that so many of God’s daughters took the time to speak encouraging words into my ear just when I started to feel alone. I am grateful to each and every speaker who ministered to my heart and sowed seeds of love into my spirit even as it ached. I am grateful that I was able to move in the Spirit of God as He took my hand and invited me into worship with Him. There was a moment at the conference when I started to feel alone and I weeped but it was a child that opened her arms and hugged me out of the blue and I felt like God was saying never are you alone, I am always here even in the smallest of things. Pastor Deborah, I was restored at the conference, when I got home I was so excited and on fire and I prayed and I laughed and smiled and loved on my family again. I even danced, worshiped in my house. My husband and I prayed together and spoke encouraging words to one another. When I say my life was changed…God put a renewed fire in my hands and feet. He gave me a joy that is deeply embedded in my heart. I want to say thank you! Thank you! and may God bless you beyond all that you could ever imagine and that your ministry be increased so that it may touch the hearts and lives of every person you come in contact with.

Mrs. Bennett

WOW THE HEART OF THE FATHER DANCE WORKSHOP WAS AWESOME. Thank you Minister Deborah Settles for allowing God to use you and thanks for listening to our Father and following through with the vision He’s given you. I’ve learned how to love the Father on a whole nother level I have a new love relationship with Him, a new way of worshipping Him and praising Him what I mean is knowing my Father through my praise dancing in the prophetic and apostolic and I thank God for the women who He gave to you they really inspired me and I’ll always keep the knowledge that I retained from these powerful women of God so I thank Rev. Eyesha Marable, Dr. Franca Faunleroy, Pastor Stine McDonald and Deborah’s Pastor Prophet Felicia. You guys have made a great impression on me and my dance ministry. Love you all for real. :-)

Rev. Lisa Cureton

Thank you so much. I was blessed in so many ways. You are an amazing person. I am blessed to have met you. The Heart of the Father touched my heart and renewed my mind. My faith was increased this weekend by watching how God touches each individual person. He loves his children very much. I look forward to the next conference. I am so excited to see what God is going to do next!

Delphia Roberts

Dearest Deborah, God use you to bring the worshipers together this weekend and I do believe you will get a well done thy good and faithful servant! I want to especially thank you for the invitation to come and impart but most of all share love with the Body of Christ! Each facilitator was used by God and was truly a blessing! Praise God for your pastors who are great! YES WE HAVE THE HEART OF THE FATHER :) AND HIS AGAPE LOVE! God bless you my sister!

Dr. Franca Fauntleroy

What an amazing moment…we labor and go through all kinds of warfare and hardship to be at the place and time where God moves like this…The whole Heart of the Father conference had waves of His entry and Minister Deborah Settles, we thank the Lord for you. Thank God and bless Deborah and company.. this move.changed us and the region forever.

Pastor Stine McDonald

Hello Minister Deborah, I was so blessed to be in attendance to the move of God. I am still talking about it. I have started my list to invite people for next year. Let’s stay connected.  Love you with the Love of Jesus in me!!!

Sharon Graves

I am still obsurbing the Heart of the Father’s conference. It was truly a life shaking, motivating and awesome experience. I can truly say it has had an impact on my life personally and professionally. You are doing amazing work and please know you are touching lives.


Goodmorning! It was a blessing to come to the The heart of the Father Conference! God did show up and did his will and it was lifechanging! I was so blessed and received so much!

Mariama Jalloh